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OyP Using Photoshop to Create Persona-Avatars for Class Blog 6 years ago 53.4692
Plourde Using Prezi for Outlining Papers 4 years ago 53.625
Cate Blouke Using Prezi to Tour Course Syllabus 7 years ago 55.8617
Ptacek Using Storify to Analyze Poetry 6 years ago 52.9777
Anonymous (not verified) Using TV Tropes to Teach Narrative Devices 6 years ago 52.1861
Roberts Using Twitter for Class Reading and Participation 5 years ago 55.6897
mcginnis Video Conferencing in the Classroom 6 years ago 51.9892
Bohmann Video Remixing with Jon Stewart 4 years ago 54.4118
lazhu Villains versus Villains: Writing Persuasive Dramatic Monologues 4 years ago 54.8824
gianfagna Visualizing Word Choice with Lexipedia 6 years ago 51.7416