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About Us

The DWRL is pleased to share our library of innovative technology-based lesson plans and classroom assignments created by DWRL Instructors. Our new online database features a wide assortment of lesson plans and assignments employing a number of technologies. Here you will find everything from activities using cutting-edge new software, to engaging, innovative, and truly novel pedagogical uses of familiar technologies such as Google Maps and Microsoft Word. The lesson plans address a broad spectrum of pedagogical activities—from initial brainstorming to electronic peer review, from interactive visual rhetoric lessons to collaborative multi-media online publications; the site also features lesson plans suitable for time spans as short as a single class and as lengthy as semester-long projects. Also, be sure to visit the DWRL's Blogging Pedagogy site which features an ongoing series of posts from individual instructors reflecting on their technology-based assignments and classroom experiences.

If you are intersted in contributing to the site, please contact us at, and include a brief description of yourself and the plan you would like to share.