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Voss End of Semester Reflection on Political Rhetoric 6 years ago 53.9474
detweiler Revising/Drafting/Editing With Wikis 6 years ago 52.5049
gianfagna Tracing Memes in Storify 6 years ago 52.827
Wiese Close Reading Through Interactive Storytelling 6 years ago 54.3668
Anonymous (not verified) Creating Individual "Infospheres" on the Web 6 years ago 56.5476
Anonymous (not verified) Oral History Group Podcasting Assignment 6 years ago 51.4205
Anonymous (not verified) Editing Poetry: Manuscript to Printed Page 6 years ago 54.9615
Scott Nelson Prototyping Procedural Rhetoric 6 years ago 50.4787
Scott Nelson Wordle as a Tool for Research and Invention 6 years ago 50.5342
Scott Nelson Diagnosing Digital Literacy via Student-generated Avatars 6 years ago 56.9444