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Coleman Compiling Context with Digitized Periodicals 5 years ago 56.8182
Cowan Using Music To Teach Sound Citation 5 years ago 53.5637
lazhu "Creating" Visual Rhetoric Through Student-Designed Flash Games 5 years ago 55.5677
Rhiannon Goad Teaching Context with Album Covers 5 years ago 54.6137
Meredith Coffey Using Google Drive for Collaborative Bias Analysis 5 years ago 52.0073000000000008
Sloan Using Debates to Teach Rhetorical Analysis 5 years ago 52.1322
Moench Teach Pathos through Politics -- the French Revolution 5 years ago 50.9962
Laura Thain Reading Text in Context 5 years ago 55.028700000000001
Bohmann Conducting interviews - animating a controversy 5 years ago 51.7974
Wise Transforming Video with Popcorn Maker 4 years ago 57.23