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Sloan Teaching Ethos with Selfies 4 years ago 52.9158
Streusand Teaching Kairos through Allegorical Performances 4 years ago 56.1876
sussman Teaching Kairos through Internet Memes 5 years ago 55.4054
gertken Teaching Orwell's Six Points of Style with CritiqueIt 6 years ago 51.6032
Streusand Teaching Rhetorical Pathos through Playlists 4 years ago 49.9046
detweiler Teaching the Enthymeme with Restaurants 6 years ago 52.4719
lazhu The (Selling) Powers of a Good Cry 4 years ago 53.3646
Will Burdette The Rhetoric of Fonts 6 years ago 53.4672
Streusand The Rhetoric of Performance: Teaching Logos through Disney Movies 3 years ago 52.2248
Cate Blouke Titling your plan and selecting an image 6 years ago 0