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sariddick Identifying Reasons and Evidence with Friends 3 years ago 55.7159
Sarah Frank Using FreeMind to Draft Controversy Maps 5 years ago 53.6298
Rosen In-Class Writing / Digital Midterm 6 years ago 55.2041
Rosen Distributed Peer Review 5 years ago 54.039000000000001
Rosen Close Reading YouTube and Cultural Archives 6 years ago 51.57
Roberts Using Twitter for Class Reading and Participation 5 years ago 55.6897
Roberts Creating OED Word Constellations 6 years ago 52.1378
Roberts Teaching Context (Juxtaposition) with Video Mash 6 years ago 52.3784
RMazique Pre-Writing: Surveying Expectations on the First Day of Class 6 years ago 55.012099999999997
RMazique Facilitating Multimedia Composition 4 years ago 54.7087